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Do you think that there are improvements that can be made in the early-stage investment space in Australia? Have investments you’ve made failed unnecessarily because they couldn’t find investors at the next stage of the value chain and ran out of runway, or did your due diligence fail?

You’re right, and furthermore, this is something that through collaborating together across the whole venture value chain we can address.

Through collaboration, and matching the input criteria and output criteria of each stage of the value chain match the ventures milestones against funding milestone, creating stronger due diligence reducing the time each investor group spends on due diligence. This is the reason we created Venture Invest, a conference looking in detail at stage of the venture value chain and how we can align to create more successful venture faster.

We’re all investors, and as investors, we don’t get paid unless our portfolio companies succeed. It’s in our interest to understand the whole funding journey and how we can collaborate and generate our returns faster.

We’ve all come across scarcity-minded founders and investors, people who have no interest in working together unless they can get the most out of it. We can’t work with scarcity, we’re abundance minded and to grow the early-stage investment ecosystem in Melbourne and Australia we need to work with abundance minded founders and investors who can collaborate for success.