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Venture Invest Conference 2018

30-31 August 2018, Melbourne

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An early-stage startup investment conference, for investors by investors
As investors, we know that we only get ‘paid’ when our portfolio companies succeed.

So it’s in our own best interests to discover those better paths to success, which can also generate our returns faster, and increase the value (for everyone).

As seasoned investors, we each know our space well. But often that’s only from a singular viewpoint; our own. Of course, we can look backward and forward along the value chain, seeing where our opportunities come from and where they are going.

But we often don’t have the perspective of the full picture of the value chain.

So we fight for our ‘patch’, trying to squeeze every last dollar out of every deal. And in doing so, we spend a lot of time and effort in competition.

Think about how you source opportunities now

How many enquiries did you have to respond to in order to find your last 5 investments?

How much time & effort did it actually take to bring each deal to the table?

How many good opportunities did you pass over, because they weren’t ready?

How many didn’t meet your criteria, or failed your due diligence?

Have good opportunities you’ve looked at, run out of money (& failed before getting to you) because they couldn’t find the right earlier investors?

What ratio of time do you spend in sourcing versus working with ventures?

Did you get the returns you were expecting, in the time you wanted?

At one time, there were people that thought our world was flat, because they had no perspective. But in the modern age, we all know that progress is inevitable, and if we have more perspective, we can choose how we are each affected by that change.

If we keep thinking that the way we do things now, is the only way that will work, we’ll get left behind by those others who can & do continuously seek out new & better ways to work together.

What if there was a better way?

What if, instead of putting most of our time & effort into finding & getting the deals, we instead focussed on adding value to our stage, before handing the opportunity over to someone who can take our portfolio opportunities on to the next stage of the journey?

To consider that course would require us to take a wider view. And it would also require us to collaborate, rather than compete with others.

And lets imagine that by focussing on creating more value, might we also be able to increase the volume, the speed & the quantum by which we get our returns?

Imagine instead of looking at 100 (or more) opportunities to find the five that we wanted, that we could be introduced to twenty, of which ten are a good fit for us.

Can you see it?

Suddenly, all that time spent sourcing opportunities, and filtering deals could now be put into accelerating them along the path quicker (and perhaps in greater volumes), with better metrics & scale.

Instead of wasting time stressing over how to extract the maximum value, could you then pass them on to the next step in the value chain, who can then increase the value for everyone?

But who knows how to do this? Who has the secrets of the big picture? The whole view? And who could we put our faith in to share in the value of the upside?

Perhaps there are people who have those secrets, but would they would be willing to share them?

What if others can see it, but you can’t?

We all have our ‘fish that got away’; the one that we knew was going to be big. You missed out, whilst others benefited. Do you really know why? Will it happen again? Of course it will, but there is something you can do about it.

Some investors already have these answers, and are applying them with great success.

So the choice is ours. To seek & find answers, or to be so sure that there are none, and ‘this way’ is the only way.

The risk in not acting, is that others will find those answers.

Which affects your lead-flow, workload, deal-flow & returns. Theirs will get better, whilst you are left sorting through what’s left. Can you afford to take that risk?

If you want to learn from the perspective of others who have that different view of the ‘venture value chain’, and possibly some insights & secrets that you might not have considered, now is the time.

Make time for Venture Invest.

What will you discover?

Venture Invest gives you a chance to learn from some of the most successful investors in the Australian early-stage venture investment community.

You’ll see how they take ventures from one stage of the value chain to the next, and how, together, we could accelerate venture growth through ongoing due diligence, & matching the outputs from the previous stage to the inputs of the next stage.

They’ll give you the facts about their methods, insights on their investment criteria, and how they’ve overcome their challenges. You’ll learn from the investors, both before and after you in the journey, and how we can each collaborate to help maximise your returns.

During the interactive sessions, you’ll be able to ask questions from the floor, as well as build your own network through our networking events at the end of each day.

Learn how at Venture Invest

Over the course of the conference you will gain valuable insight from experts covering:

  • The opportunities for startups as a significant asset class
  • Validating the founder /founding team (Mentors and Advisors)
  • Accelerating an idea (Are accelerators the answer?)
  • Do advisory boards work, and how could they? (Seed)
  • Successfully launching a venture (Seed)
  • Is there a role of corporations in early-stage ventures? (Corporate)
  • Funding for success, VC’s investment criteria and how they choose their investments (Venture Capital)
  • Funding to exit (Including equity crowdfunding)
  • Winning and losing – the implications (exit and failure)

Join your peers, fellow investors, through the early-stage venture investment ecosystem, to find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about the whole early-stage venture investment value chain.

Mentors and Advisors

One of the first investors in early stage ventures, through both earn in and buy in

Corporate funding

Corporates play a critical role in early stage ventures as potential sources of funding through both capital and as customers


Accelerators help take ventures from an idea or concept, to a investable business

Venture funding

Venture capital plays a vital role in early stage startups by providing capital to accelerate growth

Advisory board

Advisory board are utilised as a source of funds internationally, but are largely ignored locally

Crowd funded equity

With the new licences crowd funding equity is gaining traction in the Australian venture funding eco-system

Seed funding

Seed funding covers private angels, angel groups and angel syndicates


An exit path for investors is critical, through IPO, Acquisition or Management buyout


Australia's top investors are sharing their insights into early stage investing

Judy Anderson

CEO At Startup Victoria

Judy's career has had a laser focus - to help people and organisations make innovation repeatable, scalable and profitable. Her business degree focussed on Entrepreneurship, during which she studied International Business at Ecole Supérieure…

Peter Devine

Chief Executive Officer at Uniseed

CEO of Uniseed since 2006, taking on the management of Uniseed's second fund of $40 million, which provided a number of high profile exits.  Uniseed started its third fund in March 2016, a $50…

Ariane Barker

CEO At Scale Investors

Ariane has 20 years’ experience in blue chip financial services companies in senior executive management roles, having worked until recently with JBWere at National Australia Bank in Melbourne, and prior to that in capital…

Kathryn Sforcina

co-Vice Chair I Founder I Angel Investor

She began her journey as a serial entrepreneur in the wellness space 20 years ago.  Since then, she has run and grown many companies in multiple industries and global markets.  Kathryn’s track record and…

Chris Northwood

Executive Director and Co Founder at Activ8 Capital

Working with entrepreneurs in early stage growth businesses, providing management consulting, capital raising, distribution strategy advice, marketing plan development, investor communications and advisory services. +20 years experience across investment banking, entrepreneurial start-up ventures, operational…

Tamara Mills

MD Quantum Innovation Fund Management

Ms Tamara Mills, MBA, MHEcon, BSc, GAICD Ms Tamara Mills is Managing Director of Quantum Medical Innovation Fund (QMIF), a high calibre medical technology investment fund facilitating strategic investments in the equity and equity-linked…

Matthew Pinter

Billfolda Equity Crowdfunding and Head of Crowd Funding Institute of Australia

A dynamic, resourceful and commercially astute professional focused on helping high achieving teams to scale market opportunities quickly. He's passionate about innovation, the early stage ecosystem, and the power of alternative finance to reduce…

Louise Broekman

Founder & CEO, Advisory Board Centre

Louise founded the Advisory Board Centre, a community dedicated to supporting businesses to increase competitiveness, foster innovation and drive economic impact through effective engagement with Advisors. Louise mentors in the tech startup space including…

Andrew Nelson

Blue Ocean Strategy Australia

The best way to beat your competition is to stop trying to beat them. Instead, create new buyer value, create and capture new demand, and make the competition irrelevant. If you are swimming in…

Kate Cornick

CEO LaunchVic

Dr Kate Cornick is the CEO of LaunchVic, the Victorian Government’s startup development agency. Kate is deeply passionate about the role of innovation in our economy and society more broadly, and has considerable experience…

Daniel Mumby

CEO/ Founder StartUp Foundation - accelerator, Angel Investor, Mentor, Advisor, Connector, Venture Catalyst, presenter

Since Daniel left the corporate life he has designed & created 15 ventures across broadband, ecommerce, hospitality, social networking, logistics, financial services and not-for-profit sectors. Daniel now invests his time & expertise as a…

Finbar O’Hanlon

Founder / Inventor / CEO : Linius Video Technology

Finbar's passion is to help others and organisations see a different perspective. He uses grounded theory and tools like P-Hacking, he helps organisations and boards in the protection against disruption. Seeing complex problems or…

Jamie Pride

Entrepreneur, VC & Author

As an entrepreneur, Jamie sold his first startup, Velteo, to New York-based System Integrator Bluewolf, and has founded over six technology startups. As an investor, he has raised more than $16 million in funding…

Penelope Lane

CEO Optix Advisory & Angel Investor

My purpose is to improve medical and healthcare economic and social outcomes through the application of business expertise. Consulting, Strategy and Commercialisation expertise working in Medicine, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Private, public sectors…

Philip Nowell

CEO, Ontogo Pty Ltd

Phil is a global business traveller, having lived and worked in the UK, Australia and the USA, developing a lifetime of experience building businesses across the healthcare sector. He has a great story to…

With another 6 sensational speakers still to announce, we are also including some more inspiring women to bring you inspiration from the stage.

Our goal is to ensure that we’ll balance (as closely as possible) not only of men & women, but also investors from right throughout the ‘venture value chain’.

Don’t delay; secure your seat today under the lower ‘early-bird’ pricing, and see how through collaboration you can learn and benefit from understanding the whole venture value chain.



Melbourne is poised to be Australia's leading early-stage investment hub. Australia's second largest city, and ranked as the worlds most liveable city in 2017 for the 7th consecutive year by The Economist. With government support at both national and local levels and historically low unemployment Melbourne is leading Australia in it economic future.


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