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Daniel Mumby

CEO/ Founder StartUp Foundation - accelerator, Angel Investor, Mentor, Advisor, Connector, Venture Catalyst, presenter

Known to his friends & peers as 'That Startup Guy', He is the co-founder of Startup Foundation - the startup accelerator for professionals. During 20 years in corporate life (building, logistics & software), including building a large successful venture as an 'intrapreneur', he caught the startup 'bug'.

Since Daniel left the corporate life he has designed & created 15 ventures across broadband, ecommerce, hospitality, social networking, logistics, financial services and not-for-profit sectors.

Daniel now invests his time & expertise as a “Venture Catalyst” across the startup ecosystem by helping other founders to succeed, as an investor, mentor, adviser, author, presenter, speaker, media producer, blogger and creator of a venture accelerator.