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Finbar O’Hanlon

Founder / Inventor / CEO : Linius Video Technology

Current roles include CEO of Linius (ASX Listed company), coach, consultant, inventor, practitioner and advisor to the board. Previous board roles include chairman, exec and non-exec director. In relation to innovative technologies, he has been granted 12 Patents, relating to media-related technologies.

Finbar’s passion is to help others and organisations see a different perspective.

He uses grounded theory and tools like P-Hacking, he helps organisations and boards in the protection against disruption.
Seeing complex problems or managing crisis through a creative and lateral lens, adds significant valuable perspective in critical decision making.

He is also passionate about lifestyle design and human intelligence, ‘people’ whose abilities and functions are a by-product of passion. People who are enhanced by technologies such as Artificial intelligence ‘Ai’, not threatened by them.

His life has led me in many different directions from being an Innovator, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Musician, Educator and Chairman. He has lived in multiple countries, assisted capital investment, of over $40 Million into innovation projects and assisted in the execution and commercialization of innovation into various public listings.