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Kathryn Sforcina

co-Vice Chair I Founder I Angel Investor

Kathryn is the Founder & CEO of In Her Pursuit Pty Ltd & Co-Vice Chair of Global Wellness Institute: Women in Leadership Initiative.

She began her journey as a serial entrepreneur in the wellness space 20 years ago.  Since then, she has run and grown many companies in multiple industries and global markets.  Kathryn’s track record and passion for business and her desire to see women achieve their full potential in the global economy, society, business and the corporate sector has resulted in the launch of her latest venture; In Her Pursuit.

In Her Pursuit is the new way for her to engage with resources, knowledge and people. It is a platform-driven social and commercial ecosystem that supports women throughout their full career trajectory (education, recruitment, development & advancement) and their business growth (idea to business, business to enterprise, enterprise to exit).

She is a sought-after speaker on the subjects of Global Expansion, Rapid Growth Hacking, Thriving Through Failure, Entrepreneurship, Gender Parity, Domestic Violence and Homelessness.

Kathryn is an enigmatic presenter capable of shifting the energy in an audience toward a common purpose and passion resulting in rich, meaningful conversation and action-based outcomes.