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Philip Nowell

CEO, Ontogo Pty Ltd

Philip is committed to the commercial success of Australian Ingenuity to help diversify Australia's economy

Phil is a global business traveller, having lived and worked in the UK, Australia and the USA, developing a lifetime of experience building businesses across the healthcare sector. He has a great story to tell!

Describing himself as an experienced “global business operator”, Phil brings a wealth of knowledge from all sectors of health – from clinical to health services to medical devices. With strategy & management positions working with Cook Medical, Johnson & Johnson, HCoA/Maynes, in addition to an active clinical career, Phil has enjoyed roles from sales & marketing, to mergers & acquisitions, to business development to CEO.

In 2015, Phil “hung up the Corporate boots” and Ontogo™ was born. With the help of a group of colleagues, Ontogo™ has become an active network of experienced business operators, providing hands-on business support to many clients across the country, with the objective of developing & growing Australian business born from local inventions.

Ontogo™ was born with a clear “Five in Ten” purpose: within ten years, Ontogo™ will be the key driver of five new Australian ideas, products or businesses taking the journey to commercialisation, penetrating domestic & international markets, whilst remaining Australia-based.

In achieving the “Five in Ten” Ontogo™ purpose, Phil & his colleagues intend to contribute to the growth of important industry sectors, diversifying the Australian economy to the benefit of all people who call Australia home.